Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be USDA Licensed to sell on My Little Puppy Website?
A: USDA License is not required if you an exempt breeder, and fall under the requirements as a hobby breeder (four or less breeding females).
Q: Will I be inspected by My Little Puppy?
A: My Little Puppy will not perform an inspection; however, My Little Puppy would like to visit your facility, meet your dogs, and introduce ourselves.
Q: What guarantee does My Little Puppy offer to the consumer?
A: My Little Puppy Guarantee offers the consumer up to Five Years of coverage. Hereditary/Congenital conditions are covered up to 75% the first year, and up to 50% years 2-5. Infection/Disease has 100% coverage if diagnosed within 7 days after delivery, and reported within 10 days. In the event of death due to infection/disease, My Little Puppy offers up to 125% towards treatment and replacement of the puppy.
Q: Does the breeder have to cover illness/parvo?
A: Yes, the breeder is responsible to cover illness/parvo for 7 days after shipping.
Q: Does each puppy require a negative fecal?
A: Yes, Veterinary documentation showing a negative fecal exam 72-24 hours prior to shipping is part of the paperwork required by My Little Puppy. Should the puppy have a positive fecal after arriving to their new home, My Little Puppy Guarantee will cover the consumer expenses. My Little Puppy will contact you, the breeder, should this become a common occurrence with your puppies.
Q: If my puppy is not sold to a Lemon Law state, am I still held liable for Lemon Law?
A: The breeder will be held liable for Illness/Disease for 7 days after shipping, and Hereditary/Congenital conditions for 1 year (breed specific exemptions may apply).
Q: Who ships my puppies?
A: The breeder is responsible for making shipping arrangements. Shipping arrangements should be sent to My Little Puppy in a timely manner so the consumer can be notified.
Q: Who is liable if my puppy becomes ill or dies in transit?
A: This situation would be handled between you, the breeder, and the transport company.
Q: When does the breeder receive payment for a sold puppy?
A: Payment will be made to you via Wire Transfer, Pay Pal, or Electronic Transfer once My Little Puppy has received all required documents prior to shipping.
Q: I only guarantee my puppies for six months; how will this work?
A: The breeder will be held liable for Illness/Disease for 7 days after shipping, and Hereditary/Congenital conditions for 1 year (breed specific exemptions may apply).
Q: I do not guarantee for conditions common in breeds, such as Cherry Eye, Demodex, and Loose Hips; how is this handled?
A: There are breed specific exemptions that you will not be held liable. My Little Puppy will supply this information to any breeder with puppies that may have breed specific conditions.
Q: Am I limited to how many breeds I raise?
A: No
Q: Will My Little Puppy allow the breeder to visit with the prospective owner prior to shipping?
A: Yes, if the prospective owner agrees, My Little Puppy will arrange a three-way call, which will include the prospective owner, My Little Puppy, and you, the breeder.
Q: Can I see the full contract before I sign up?
A: You will be informed of all requirements before signing on with My Little Puppy.
Q: Who is My Little Puppy?
A: My Little Puppy is a group of people with all different personalities, and different experience in the dog industry. We have breeders, people who have worked with AKC, and dog lovers in general working at My Little Puppy. My Little Puppy was created by a breeder (Louise Bartholomew), for the breeders. She knows how this business works, and she understands breeders. All of the staff, including the sales team, has access to Louise for guidance at any time.
Q: Who is backing My Little Puppy?
A: A Venture Capital Group
Q: Will My Little Puppy back the breeder if there is a dispute over the diagnosis of a puppy?
A: Yes, My Little Puppy is here for the breeders, and will do everything in our power to make sure the diagnosis is correct.
Q: Is there a fee for a breeder to use My Little Puppy?
A: There are no fees to the breeder to sign up and use the service.